Thursday, 23 April 2009


'from the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons, they danced in prayer.. and they danced to celebrate, that is the dancing we are talking about, you see this is our time to dance, it is our way of celebrating life.'

"all around you people will be tiptoeing through life, just to arrive at death safely. But dear children do not tiptoe.. run, hop, skip or dance just don't tiptoe"

'live good and get beat up real bad. Dance until they kill you and then we'll dance some more'

‘i’m walkin my beat friend, this is my beat I’m walkin it”
“I throw shapes and they catch em, set em up and watch them fall”- Once upon a time in Mexico

"The Jesus Movement is a revolution that dances, celebration is at the very core of the kingdom"

"if i can't dance then it is not my revolution" - Emma Goldman

'We sing we dance and we make music. No-one can exactly say what the singing and dancing mean, but we are still moved by it in incredible ways'

"Heaven is much too serious a place for work. It will be all dance and play there.' CS Lewis

'David danced before the Lord with all his might (naked) with shouts and the sounds of trumpets, he leapt and danced before the Lord' 2 Samuel chapt 6

'The dance of God represents a flowing movement of the divine nature. Through the work of the spirit in and upon the believer, he or she is allowed to participate in the divine life. This can be likened to a kind of 'progressive dance', a dance where the participants move outside of the origional circle and invite others to join in the pattern of movement. So it is also with the divine story of the dancers. The divine dance of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit draws us into the energizing and invigorating movement. In our worship and in our mission we participate in the intimate life of God' - Pete Ward- Liquid church, quoted in 'Night Vision' by John Oliver, canterbury press, 2009.

'dancin is what to do, dancin's what i think of you, dancin's whats in my soul. dancin's what makes me whole'

'You should be dancin, Yeah!!!'

"see you on the dancefloor" MF, 09 :)xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

JESUS LOVES PORN STARS and door supervisors

hi all.. tonight was an amazing night.
it started with a visit to a local cafe, where a bunch of recovering addicts were djing to each other, there was free pizza and about 9 amazingly friendly welcoming guys. i went from there to The opera house (not to listen to opera) for a Dj night with the legendary Carl Cox. The last time i was there was in an official capacity as Night Club Chaplain a particular doorman had been a bit funny with us and whilst we were there we had helped a girl who was distraught and had wet herself. Her boyfriend was inside and i had asked if i could go in and find him. The doorman said mate you will never find him there are 2000 people in there. I had a photo, so i went in. i spotted him immediatley slumped in a corner and asked him to come outside with me. as i led him out the doorman said "oh my God that was quich, what was that Divine intervention or something??" i said " might be".
Tonight I arrived there and was waiting for my friend Jess to arrive, as i had a spare ticket for her. Whilst i waited i made small talk with the door staff, one of them found my hair hilarious and said it was porn star hair. He told me i looked like Ron Jeremy (a large fat balding man with a thick black mustache!!), not a comparison i would make. Now i don't know many porn star names, but if you have been reading my blog, you would have known that i ordered 50 'Jesus Loves Porn star' Bibles from the usa. Funnily enough in it it has a story of Ron Jeremy and how he has found faith in God, which i had read last week. In the end i had to nip back to my car to get the ticket, so i happened to pick up a porn star bible too and gave it to the doorman. When i handed it to him he was astounded and said ' hat are the chances of that!!??" i said i know, maybe you can read it. At the end of the night, 5am, i walked out, he shook my hand and said ' amazing, i will read it, i then reminded him who i was from my previous encounter there. He was shocked and hadn't put two and two togethor. So random the oddity of that encounter compared t the last, but both had left the same taste in his mouth. He told me any time i wanted i could just show up and he would let me in. Divine indeed :)