Monday, 25 May 2009


so, you have probably stopped looking at my blog by now because i am so slack at writing it. well here is what i think the reason is. i have become too busy!!! it has happened before and it will probably happen again. but when i get too busy a lot of important things get missed. The first being people and friends.. you i would say are friends and i have been neglecting you.

There have been some exciting things happening, the street work in Bournemouth is great, i manage to get 4 volunteers out every saturday now, which is rewarding, i am developing more team with that at looking at rebranding, training, working with the police more, and recruiting. I have set up a task group to help me, gaining prayer support and generally getting to know more people. i am now djing monthly for a night called Static run by local guys. I am seeting up sunday sessions to dj and watch the sunset each week through July and August at a beach front bar called Aruba. I am booking dj's and helping organise a big summer ball on the pier on 25th July.
I am involved in a snowboard tour and djing in leeds at an indoor snowboard centre in August, i have been seeing Jodun ( amazing girlfriend) most weeks in london, i have been hanging out and dancing with a bunch of great guys who are in recovery from drugs and aclohol and building support and community with them, also weekly , street dancing on a monday and a veggie mondays meal, circuits classes tuesday, spanish lessons and salsa class on a wednesday, meetings with a home/planning group on thursday and the odd surf here or there.

i am now taking 10 days off to see my sis Anna in Cyrpus and taking Jodun with me :) think i need a break.
As Matrin luther King was quoted ' i am so busy i need to spend an extra hour a day in prayer'!!!!

how true, slowing down is healthier, more sociable, more benificial to all around us and helps us BE . i wana get my value in who i am not what i do.

i have written this, to inform you to inform me when i am not in touch that i need to slow down more...

God's Speed
Michael x