Sunday, 26 October 2008

Starting a new job...

So my new job is now a week old. In that time i have also been best man at my friend Ben's wedding... (very proud of him right now)... i have met up with people from Ibiza... visited 2 clubs, been out on the streets on Carnage night when 2000 students bar crawl the town in winter with t shirts and much less on. Oh did i mention getting pulled over by the police when dropping two friends off home, who incidentally were wearing not much more than lingerie!! There is a story to tell there somewhere.
It is hard to know what to think at the moment, some people are very happy with the way things are in the role others have big ideas for change. I think my time in Ibiza has definitely given me a comparison and i hope to find good bits from both to develop things here further.

One thing i do know is that i am certainly in a Bridging position between 'world and church'.. on my visit to the Christian union i was approached by one girl who said ' isn't it sinful to go into nightclubs, we are praying for them to close in our church and you go in them.....i don't believe God is in those places'
I also at times frequent a Christian dating site a girl recently sent me a message ....
I checked out your facebook, which led me to your website, I don't see much of Jesus in there. Clubbing, parties, worldly activities is all I saw.
Didn't notice anything that leads me to think you are a christian who loves God.
So thanks, but no thanks.

Similarly on the street tonight a guy asked who we were, one of those with us said who do you think we are? he replied Christians and quickly i definitely don't need your help...and made his exit.

i guess in both camps some will love us some hate us... i have to get used to it.. people can be very quick to judge at times.

Some want to be left alone, some feel so alone, some want to make everyone like them, others want to be like everyone else, some want to change and can't, others can but don't want to.

Is there an answer.. i don't know but i am learning to love myself despite what others may think, i am learning to Love God despite what i sometimes feel and i am learning to accept others even when they don't think like me...

life is a journey.. right now i feel like i am getting there :)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bournemouth and beyond

So, i am now in Bournemouth. About to begin work as a Night Club Chaplain here. so far the people are really great and settling in well. i don't really know what to expect yet??
There seems to be a lot happening here, i have only been hearing about the Christian scene so far, but there are new expressive things happening. Tonight i will go to a group meeting which has been set up from the Church for the night event (this a where a big church building is taken over, filled with visuals, music and candles and a space for people to reflect, pray or chat). Next event is 31st october and also i am djing in Dex club Brixton on 1st November for you info.

Current Thoughts

Many of my current thoughts have been around finding friends, maybe a girlfriend here and how all that will work. We attended the Uni christian union meeting last night. There was a speaker who talked about relationships.
I was challenged by his words about finding our meaning in something higher (God) and not a relationships being the goal of our existence. He also touched on our attitudes to clothes and acceptance from others, which have been themes of thought this summer.

On a deeper level, i read a note yesterday from 'Smouldering Wick'. it was on the subject of Loneliness....
'You struggle to accept the possibility of knowing happiness without others, locked in a constant search for someone who will complete you and give you the contentment only God can bring. Until you are at peace with yourself, you will never be ready to accept the love of another or return it to them...'

This echoes my thought over the summer, of trying to get to a place where i feel free to love and not bound to love. Also not placing expectations on others to be all for us.

I desire to find a quiet space to be alone and also a social life that allows me to be me and you to be you. I hope i find it here.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

How Partying should be

I don't know what you picture when i tell you about the night clubbing i am doing here in Ibiza, but let me try and give a picture.
Today myself, Bruce and Helen from 24/7 Ibiza went to the closing party of the Space nightclub. usually Space has 5 Rooms and a terrace all playing dance music of different kinds. Today they expanded for an 18 hour Fiesta. They put a stage in the rear car park allowing an additional 3000 people to the already 6000 capacity. The show was spectacular. Every 20 minutes a new set of performers would get on stage. there were acrobats, beautiful dancers, Men in gorilla suits, then a cast from Cats took the stage somersalting and flipping and prowling. At one point Darth Vador and the storm troopers, baba and jengo Fet tok the stage, all very authentic. They wheeled women in butterfly outfits round on scaffolding with a fan blowing the wings around, whilst on stage a man hung suspended spinning with a BMX bike in between his legs. Unbelievable at times. As well as world class dj's, one dj got 1000 people to crouch down and all jump up together when the tune kicked in. After 11 hours i was tired and sadly didn't stay till the end :( But i have DC10 nightclub closing party tommorow and that will be my last Ibiza party this year.

I am back in the Uk on 11th october. will put some pics of my time up in the next week.
Thanks for reading and look out for new blogs when i get to my new job in Bournemouth.
Grace and Peace