Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Big Life Entry... Eden Grace French Enters the World!!!!!

So again a huge gap in writing and almost considered ditching the blog altogether... i have just found that a self centred blog has not really been my focus and without some real motivation to inspire/challenge or create there has seemed little point...

Really life has been about finding new direction and focus, enjoying rest, music, relationships and new possibilities and then....  an exciting new addition has come along in the 7lb 2oz bundle of bouncing poo and wind. She may not thank me for that comment later :) but she is just like her dad !!

Wow she is awesome and every Daddy's Dream. Mummy Clementine has been amazing and we now have her with us as long as the Good Lord is willing.

Here's a few pic's... Enjoy...

PS. i have said this before so don't hold me to it, but i am getting my thinking hat on again so may be back very soon with some provocative messages... minus a lot of the superficial bits :)  

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